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Deutz Series Diesel Generator Sets

231 / 400 VAC   -   50 Hz.   -   1500 RPM

Deutz began in 1864 and, since that year, have had a long and dramatic history filled with milestones of significance not only for Deutz but for the world of power production.
It was in 1864 that Nicolaus August Otto and Eugen Langen started “N.A.Otto & Cie”, the worlds first engine factory – and the progenitor of today’s Deutz AG.
Today Deutz is a globally manufacture of diesel engines utilising the latest in engine technology.


•  Water cooled diesel engine
•  Oil and Fuel Filter
•  Oil drain valve
•  24 V D.C. Charging alternator and Starter
•  Electronic / mechanical governor
•  Single bearing alternator
•  Voltage 231/400 Volt 50 Hz
•  Datakom D300 AMF Control Panel
•  Welded frame
•  Air Filter

•  Chassis integrated fuel tank
• Forklift pockets transport
•  Engine and alternator mounts
•  Anti-vibration mounts on chassis
•  Industrial type silencer
•  Charging unit (on AUTO models)
•  AVR
•  Blocks water heater (on AUTO models)
•  User’s manual
•  Spare Parts catalogue

TP-D Series Generator List
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